Thematically diverse and interdisciplinary

The Centre for Technology Assessment TA-SWISS primarily monitors developments in the fields of biotechnology, medicine and nanotechnology, and the communications and information technology sector. For TA-SWISS, the interest lies in the instruments that are deployed in the social and cultural field.

Working method

Using studies and participative methods, topics with a potential to become socially controversial are reviewed on an interdisciplinary basis. This involves presenting the opportunities and risks in as balanced a way as possible. Certain projects are conducted at an international level, principally in cooperation with other institutions that carry out technology assessments.

Topics to identify early

For TA-SWISS to be able to do its job properly, it is essential to identify new technological developments early on. It is a matter of assessing which applications might be important for economic and social developments, because these are particularly worthwhile if the topic is to be considered from all angles.

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